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Justin Price, State Representative, District 39

Price is right for Richmond


Justin served with honor in the United States Marine Corps. A former fisherman, he is the owner of a carpentry business. A self-starter, family man, and hardworking taxpayer, he currently serves on the Richmond Historical Society. Justin has heard the call to stand up and give his time and energy to change the course of our State. Rhode Island should not always rank near the bottom economically!


Many current leaders do not know what it is like to be self-employed or to make the personal sacrifices required to make a better life for their families. Justin will advocate for a sensible budget and fair distribution of State Education Aid and against special interests that do not serve the greatest good. The government should not pick winners and losers with special deals, like 38 Studios. Allowing a reasonably regulated and taxed free market to work will bring Rhode Island new jobs, grow the economy, and help close the State’s budget deficit. Justin’s allegiance will be to you, not to lobbyists or politicians.

Elaine J. Morgan, State Senate, District 34

Your WARM Senator


“More money needs to stay in your pockets, where it counts,  not in the State coffers where affordability is a foreign word.”


A life-long resident of our beautiful state, Elaine is a small-business owner serving her second term as Hopkinton's Town Sergeant (RI's first female in this position). Elaine will challenge deficient leadership, widespread fiscal irresponsibility, entrenched political cronyism, back-door deals, and over-regulation. These problems are crushing our economy and tarnishing RI's reputation. She will focus on leading us to a more fiscally responsible government and policies that allow the private sector to flourish and add jobs, but her allegiance will always be to you. She knows the challenges that plague us.  Elaine is a parent struggling like so many others with high prices and heavy tax burden. Her goal is to see that more money stays in your pocket.


Rhode Island needs men and women of character, who champion the principles of free enterprise, right-sized government, and the protection of individual freedoms. We must reinvigorate the leadership, values, and ideals that have made our state and country great. Elaine is eager, prepared and ready to serve as YOUR Senator.


She is at your service! Call 401-744-0505 or email


Town Candidates

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Charles W. (Chuck) More, Town Council

Charles (Chuck) W. More is a retired Civil Engineer and military veteran who served in the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve. A Richmond resident for 17 years, he serves on the Town’s Planning Board, Land Trust, and Affordable Housing Committee. He is an avid golfer, horseman, and handyman. As a Town Council member, Chuck will focus on creating a budget that keeps taxes as low as possible to enable residents to continue to enjoy everything that our beautiful town of Richmond has to offer. Read more...

Paul Michaud, Town Council (current officeholder)

Paul Michaud is seeking a second term on the Richmond Town Council. He has been active in local governance for many years, serving on the East Greenwich and Richmond Town Councils. Paul has also served on Richmond’s Tax Review Board and as Clerk of Voting District No. 1 in addition to having been a teacher at both the Chariho Middle and High Schools. Paul and his wife Carol have three grown children.


His main objective is keeping taxes affordable, especially for Richmond’s senior citizens and for those living on fixed incomes, so that they will be able to remain in their homes in their retirement years. His goal is to make both Town and School budgets reasonable while providing good services and excellent education for our children. Paul is also the president of the Richmond Republican Town Committee.

Henry Oppenheimer, Town Council (current officeholder)

Henry Oppenheimer, Richmond’s longest-serving Town Council member and a tenured associate professor of finance at URI, is seeking another term on the Town Council. Henry organized and chaired the first Richmond Finance Board in 1989. Having served on the Council continuously since 1992, he has been present both during times of prosperity and during challenging economic times. Reliably, Henry is consulted by Council members regarding the right balance between the competing demand for Town services and tax revenue. His presence on the Council ensures a light touch of humor and a willingness to find common ground with diverse stakeholders to find solutions that will reduce costs for the benefit of all.

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Lynn Nettleton-Lallo, Town Clerk

Lynn will bring strong leadership, communication, management, and problem-solving skills to the Town Clerk position. Her educated background in public service and commercial property management involving tight budgets, legal issues, conflict resolution, facilities maintenance, grant writing, record keeping, and recreational programming will be of great value. She is comfortable working with diverse populations and government agencies. Lynn grew up in the rural town of Bethlehem, CT, and chose Richmond as a home for her family in 1987, where she chaired the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee at Chariho and served in the Richmond Summer Recreation program and other community programs. Highly capable, resourceful, creative, and energetic, Lynn’s proactive and collaborative work style enables win/win outcomes. She is committed to strengthening and maintaining the integrity of our community -- working with you and for you.

Julianna Golas, Town Moderator

Julianna is a URI professor of Human Development and Family Studies. She serves on the Early Childhood Council and is an advisor to the Feinstein College of Education. Julianna and husband Brian have lived in Richmond since 1996 and are raising four children. She joined the Chariho Health and Wellness committee with keen interest in expanding opportunities for children’s physical and social well-being. Her professional training enables her to work well with diverse audiences, and brings praise for her courteous manner and talent at engaging listeners while staying on task. In her Town Moderator position she will utilize Robert’s Rules of Order judiciously and apply her skills in a dignified, respectful way to ensure that residents feel free to express themselves and contribute to meetings.

Chariho School Committee Candidates

Kevin McGreevy, School Committee

Kevin held the title of RI Economics Champion for Future Business Leaders of America. In 2004 he earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy from URI and currently works as Pharmacy Manager of one of the busiest CVS pharmacies in the country, overseeing 27 staff, including technicians, interns, and pharmacists. Originally from Albany, NY, he has lived in Rhode Island since 1987. Kevin and wife Katrina have two young sons. A former member of the RI Football Officials Association, he enjoys sports, family outdoor activities, and competitive marksmanship. Kevin’s pleasant, open way of dealing with people helped him to become successful both in school and at work. Now as a dad, homeowner, and hardworking taxpayer in these times of economic struggle, he is looking forward to applying his modern technical expertise and experience and balanced perspective to the School Committee.

Keven Miller, School Committee Member (current officeholder, not up for re-election)

A native New Englander, Keven is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic University. BSME 1990. After working in CT, RI and MD, he moved back to RI in 2004, finding Richmond an ideal place for him and his wife to raise their two children. Being a college graduate and becoming a father a little later in life has helped focus his attention on the importance of education. Since late 2013 he has served on the Chariho School Committee and has actively proposed strategies to curb excessive Chariho spending and over budgeting while preserving quality education, teachers and programs for Chariho students.